Diamonds are how Mother Nature defined eternity. If, in the world of gems, there exists a creation that houses a taste of contrast within it, we can call them ‘Diamonds’. Being the simplest yet one of the most complex substance chemistries created by mother nature, the term ‘Diamonds’ is derived from the word ‘Adamas’ which means the ‘unconquerable’. The curation process of Diamonds takes over a billion years, and it is their incredibly rare availability in nature that has made them an asset sought by kings and queens of all times.

D.B.Jewellers, believes this asset class of ‘Diamonds’ is not just celebrated for its unique beauty, but for the purity of ages that it is associated with. Diamonds are the purest forms of carbon that are born 150 kms below earth’s surface in the core of some Kimberlite Volcano Deposits. When you wear a Diamond brought to you by D.B.Jewellers you embody an asset that holds in it a story of billions of years of preserving purity and beauty.

Envision the range of D.B.Jewellers Diamonds…each piece that you would love to own.


‘Jadau’…Rajasthan’s grandiose offering to the world of Jewellers. India has been the land of riches and Rajasthan is one of the treasure chests of this subcontinent when it comes to harvesting the regality of culture and luxury. The antiquity associated with Kundan Jewellery can be dated back to the royal courts of Rajasthan when the ornaments used to clad and accentuate the beauty of the queens.

Legacies of artisans have been associated with creating the finest pieces of Jadau jewellery where a set of gems is cast within a rich foil of gold and hues of coloured precious gems. A gharana of Jadau Jewellery that originated in Gujarat as well. With a mantle of wax, Jadau or Kundan Jewellery is usually cast on gold that is 24k pure, on which menakari or engraved patterns of stones are etched to add timeless glamour.

The Jadau jewellery range from the house of D.B.Jewellers is thus to rejuvenate the kings and queens within the modern Indian, taking them closer to their lavish pasts.


‘Gold’…human kind’s 6,000 years old obsession. Over the years, we humans have given in to the concept of Gold being cherished as an asset class more for its decorative and speculative attributes. However, since primitive times this yellow metal has been centric to the financial cosmos for its unexplainable worth. The purity of this asset has been so lucrative for mankind that it has been the longest prevalent form of currency in the history of humans. From the kingdom of Lydia, to the sheath over the tomb of Tutankhamen, this metal-asset has never ceased to impress mankind.

D.B.Jewellers, through their 11 years of experience thus, in contrary to the prevalent jewellers in the industry, has aimed to bring down not just elaborate and fanciful designs, but world-class quality of Gold down to our clients. We believe, Luxury is not just in opulence but in karat-deep quality that equalizes our clientele with the circle of globally spread Gold asset-builders.

Witness the enthralling blend of designs and unarguable quality in Gold…take a step closer to world-class luxury with D.B.Jewellers.

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Deepak Bihani
(Founder & Managing Director, D.B.Jewellers)

D.B.Jewellers is our way of giving back to the rich royal culture of the sophisticated Indians who have formed the foundation of several civilizations of the world through asset trade since time immemorial.

After graduating in Gemology from IGI, Antwerp, it was the dream of a young Indian to bring world-class jewellery down to his homeland that has been the mysteriously rich orient that western civilizations have fed on over ages. After completion of his course in the year 2010, he incepted his dream under the name of D.B.Jewellers in the year 2010, in the month of June.

Timeless designs with ageless quality…that’s the world class promise that accompanies every atoms of Diamond, Gold and Jadau that D.B.Jewellers curates for you.